• Journey Through Joshua Tree (9/18/20 - 9/21/20)

    Journey with Jess Santos, Kenneth LeRose & Ryan Oswald September 18th to 21st, 2020 under moonlit puzzles of granite boulders and the groves of twisting trees that come together to create the wonders of Joshua Tree National Park. Creative compositions are endless in this extraordinary desert.  One step in this park and it feels like you’ve teleported into a Dr. Seuss book in all the best ways.


    You will experience all the magic this location has to offer as the sun sets and the stars begin to twinkle. Nestled in the high desert of California, Joshua Tree is a credited dark sky park.  A dark sky is a key component when setting out for astrophotography. These dates were specifically chosen to teach you our tips and tricks in combining enchanted moonscapes and the Milky Way, thus creating powerful night images. Not only will you learn the techniques we both use to photograph the Milky Way, but you will also learn how to use moonlight to your advantage to create dazzling night sky imagery that tells a story. All experience levels are welcome.


    Kenneth LeRose has captivated audiences with his jaw-dropping photos and unique lifestlye (living on the road with his pup in an Airstream). His constantly creative perspective, contagious positivity, and previous teaching experience make him the perfect co-educator for this adventure. Check out his full bio below to get to know him better!


    Ryan Oswald is a St. Louis native who loves the blues, caffienated drinks and photography. A cofounder of Photo Roamers, he teaches photography workshops all over the world. We have been lucky enough to bring him on board as a co-educator for this adventure. His knack for finding unique compositions makes him a great addition to the team. Check out his full bio below to get to know him better!


    We are limiting the group size to 7 students to ensure that everyone receives our attention and to keep compositional possibilities uncluttered.


    This workshop will require moderate hiking (no more than 3 miles) through rocky or sandy terrain.


    During our journey in the field you will learn:

    - How to see a scene from start to finish

    - Finding compelling compositions and telling a story with your images

    - How to work with light and how to find the best light for the scene

    - Blue hour blending photography techniques

    - Stacking stars for noise reduction

    - How to use moonlight in your night shots

    - Focus stacking & Focal Length Blends

    - Choosing the right settings for the scene

    (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance)

    - Bracketing and exposure blending

    - How to choose a focal length and creative ways to use lens distortion

    - Tips & Tricks for focusing at night

    - Adding the human element

    - How and when to use filters


    During our time in the classroom you will learn:

    - Planning your shoot (setting yourself up for ideal conditions)

    - How to process your images using Lightroom, Photoshop & Capture One

    - How to stack stars using Starry Landscape Stacker

    - How to blend mutliple images together in Photoshop

    (Blue Hour Blends, Focal Length Blends, Exposure Blends, Composites)

    - How to put your focus stacked shots together using Photoshop & Helicon Focus

    - Luminosity Masks (What they are and how to use them)

    - Dodging and Burning

    - Sharpening

    - How to build your presence on social media, finding your tribe, and creating captivating posts and stories

    • View his work on Instagram or his Website

      "Hey guys, my name is Kenneth LeRose and I’m a full time photographer.  My lifestyle is a bit unique.  I live in a tiny tin can called an Airstream with my best friend who happens to be a furry, friendly pitbull.  Passionately driven by creativity... Photography, teaching and poetry are my major outlets.

      Teaching is just as much of an art as photography itself and I take pride in listening to my students and make it a point they get the absolute most out of every workshop!  Night and Astrophotography are high up on my list of what I enjoy photographing the most. However, I make it point to photograph as many sunrises and sunsets as I can.

      Jess Santos has been a long time friend of mine.  We’ve explore well over 50 places together over the past few years. Jess shares a lot of the same values about team and this will ABSOLUTELY be an energetically fun and super informative adventure for all that attend!"

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