Jess Santos is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her passion for the desert long precedes her passion for photography. Art is in her blood, along with a life time of art education and a degree in Graphic Design from the Las Vegas Art Institute. Then one day she was gifted a camera and her desert passion and love for art exploded through the lens! Yes, she calls the desert her home and first love but she is a wanderer at heart, constantly on the road to her next adventure. She spends sleepless nights chasing the vibrant colors of desert landscapes and the distant glow of the Milky Way. She is captivated by new and varying ecosystems, and especially fascinated with life in extreme environments.

Her photography is driven by a desire to hunt for extraordinary moments and scenes in nature. She's drawn to expansive landscapes and astro photography. The whole process of the hunt delights her! Including research and scouting potential locations, challenging off road adventures and hikes into the wilderness, discovering the perfect composition, constructing just the right light and perspective, and creating a final visual representation that is natural and vibrant. She is very proud to belong to the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective as a Sony Alpha Brand Ambassador. 



Ingrid Schneller is an experienced guide and photographer specializing in the Desert Southwest.  Hailing from the wild and scenic “Big Skies” of western Montana, Ingrid discovered landscape photography early in life. Her love of photography and “chasing light” continued as she discovered and documented the tapestry of light and land found in her new desert home when she took a job as a bilingual teacher in Arizona.  Ingrid, a born educator and adventurist, combined her skills 5 years ago and has since become a southwest photography guide. She is inspired and rewarded by guiding people to remote and breathtaking locations while sharing her passion for beauty and desert landscapes.