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APRIL 24TH-29TH, 2023

Capturing The Wild West: A Timelapse Workshop



Experience the Wild West of the Alabama Hills the way cowboys once did, as they gathered around the campfire and watched the Milky Way float across the night sky. Timelapsing is a unique way to capture the experience of a night under the stars. A single image can only tell part of the story. The real magic is found in the movement of moonlight and starlight dancing across the landscape.

Join Rachel and Jess April, 2023 for five nights of capturing the night sky in motion, on a Timelapse Photography Workshop. We will be exploring a variety of landscapes from the Alabama Hills to the northern reaches of Death Valley National Park.

Both Rachel & Jess are proud members of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective. We are excited to partner with Sony, who have graciously offered to provide gear for anybody wishing to put Sony’s low-light cameras and lenses to the test! Of course, you are welcome to use your own gear of any brand. 🙂


Our adventures will start after the sun goes down. We will begin each evening with classroom time to prepare you for the shoot ahead. We will then head out to location in time to watch the moonlight fade and the Milky Way rise over the desert landscape. 


In true night owl fashion, we will have breakfast after sunrise, and sleep during the day. We recommend bringing ear plugs and an eye mask if you are a light sleeper! 

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