• *FULL* Sierra Nights: A Night Photography Masterclass (8/14/20 - 8/17/20)

    Wander with Jess Santos & Joshua Snow on August 14th - 17th, 2020 under dark skies and glittering stars through a maze or towering granite boulders and intricately carved arches that make up the Alabama Hills. You will encounter alien plant life (i.e. prickly cactus friends) and discover compelling compositional elements against a backdrop of jagged peaks that form the Eastern Sierras.


    This workshop is dedicated to the art of astrophotography and we will take a deep dive into all the techniques at our disposal to capture captivating night sky images. Including low level landscape lighting, blue hour blending, stacking images for images for noise reduction and so much more. We will focus on teaching everything you need to know to photograph the Milky Way from start to finish, all experience levels are welcome.


    Teaching alongside Jess Santos is accomplished astrophotographer and educator Joshua Snow, well known for his creative style and unique compositions. His inspiring images convey the deep connection with nature and the beauty he finds around him with unrestrained imagination.


    We are limiting the group size to 8 students to ensure that everyone recieves our attention and to keep compositional possibilities uncluttered.


    This workshop will require moderate hiking (no more than 2 miles) through rocky or sandy terrain.


    During our journey in the field you will learn:

    - How to see a scene from start to finish

    - Finding compelling compositions and telling a story with your images

    - How to work with light and how to find the best light for the scene

    - Blue hour blending shooting techniques

    - Stacking stars for noise reduction

    - Focus stacking & Focal Length Blends

    - Choosing the right settings for the scene

    (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance)

    - Bracketing and exposure blending

    - How to choose a focal length and creative ways to use lens distortion

    - Tips & Tricks for focusing at night

    - Adding the human element

    - How and when to use filters


    During our time in classroom you will learn:

    - How to build your presence on social media, find your tribe, and create captivating posts and stories

    - Planning your shoot (setting yourself up for ideal conditions)

    - How to process your images using Lightroom, Photoshop & Capture One

    - How to stack stars using Starry Landscape Stacker

    - How to blend mutliple images together in Photoshop

    (Blue Hour Blends, Focal Length Blends, Exposure Blends, Composites)

    - How to put your focus stacked shots together using Photoshop & Helicon Focus

    - Luminosity Masks (What they are and how to use them)

    - Dodging and Burning

    - Sharpening

    • View his work on Instagram or his Website

      "My name is Joshua Snow, I’m a full time artist, and educator based in Moab Utah but spend most of my time traveling in my hand built travel van with my better half, and two adventurous pups Luna and Kiva. Mountains, seas, forest and streams, deserts and canyons are where you'll find me in search of my next image. An image that tells the story of the experience in its capture, conceived by the landscape and brought to life by imagination. Photography to me is a medium for speaking all of the words I just dont know how to say.

      Creating is the most important thing in my life, without the ability to pour myself into an image I might just explode. My imagery is pure emotion, and I want you to feel that when you view it. As if you were standing right by my side. Captivated, awed and inspired, feeling every drop of misty rain, the soft breeze on your face, the warmth of the rising sun, feel my art, my freedom.

      Photography has changed me, moulded me into the person I am today, it has taught me patience, given me wisdom, and allowed me to express myself in a way that I never have before and I can’t imagine being or doing anything else! When I was a kid all I wanted to do was be outside with the bugs and animals exploring, not studying to be an engineer, or a doctor, or astronaut, but as I grew older I fell into the rat race of building a career, working 50 hours a week and eventually became an engineer. working and going to school, and ended up severely and dangerously overweight. Reconnecting with nature and picking up a camera saved my life and helped me get into shape enough to do things I never could've done before.

      I’m healthier now and over the course of the last 7 years have managed to break away from traditional career path and have enjoyed helping cultivate creativity and foster imagination in so many students.

      If you have worked with me in the past you'll know that these workshops are immensely fun, exhausting and full of invaluable information, but you also know that I am a perfectionist and as such am always striving to improve the value of the experience. In the last two years I think that I have curated a great workshop experience, and I hope you'll enjoy your time with us on this one! In 2019 nearly half of my students were returning alumni from previous group and private workshops. Building a bond and relationship with students is a side effect I never knew would be so important to me!"



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